Jordanne + Connor | Historic Oxwich Bay Hotel, Wales, United Kingdom Wedding

Jordanne + Connor | Historic Oxwich Bay Wales

If you’re looking for some great inspiration about true love, then look no further than Jordanne and Connor’s beautiful Welsh wedding! Set in the beautiful countryside of Wales, United Kingdom, Oxwich Bay Hotel is one of the most exclusive wedding venues so of course, I was over the moon to be the photographer for this wedding.
The landscape includes the ocean, a castle and typical Welsh countryside. The ceremony was held at Oxwich Bay Hotel and the reception was held in the Marquee. It was truly a beautiful setting!
Jordanne and Connor met at a restaurant after a night out on the town. Connor loves redheads, when in walks this beautiful red-headed girl and life has not been the same since. When Connor met Jordanne’s parents, it was for a halloween party and he was dressed up as a zombie football (soccer) player and it was a great icebreaker!
Jordanne shares some special details on how she met Connor  “We met on a night out in Swansea. It was the end of the night and I found a seat to rest my feet in a takeaway shop called chik-o-land. Connor had come in with his friends and them knowing he likes redheads pointed me out to him and we got chatting” THEN of course, they have a great proposal story. Connor proposed to Jordanne whilst at the beach, and now their wedding is on the beach! How fitting is that?


Jo tells us a little about their love story “I was at work and connor had text me to meet him down the beach afterwards to find ‘driftwood’. I thought it was strange and it was raining but thought I’d go along with it. Went down on the beach and connor has me looking for this wood. I had my back to him and he tried to send me a photo of the ‘wood’ but it was being slow and I was becoming suspicious. He then said nevermind look at my phone. On it was a photo of earlier where he had written in the sand ‘will you marry me?’ he then got on his knee and took out the ring and I said YES!!

Jordanne tells us that she loves that Connor is her biggest fan, so empowering, supportive and believes in her always and in response, Connor shares that in his opinion, Jordanne is the most caring, kindest, funniest person you will meet. He says that “You need this person in your life and I get to call her my best friend”.


They wouldn’t change a thing about each other. Plus, they both support Tottenham Hotspurs (COYS!) which is the best team in the world if I may chime in!

What was fun for me to photograph a British wedding again is that I totally forgot about signing the registry, which is something American Weddings don’t usually feature.

What touched me the most about this wedding was the table dedicated to the bride’s grandfather who had passed away, and it was such a touching, heartfelt reminder of his love.


The bride also had a pink butterfly sewn into her dress, close to her heart, to remind her of her grandfather. Cue the tears! Check out her amazing wedding dress designer below.

The venue was gorgeous, and the two flower girls (one was my daughter!) were absolutely amazing! The day went off without a hitch. Who can forget the amazing hair artist Dilly? who has the personality bigger than the world who just added to the wedding day fun!

It had been raining all week, and we were so nervous about the big day, when we awoke to glorious blue skies and fresh, breezy winds. Perfect for a wedding!

This wedding holds a special place in my heart. It was a beautiful day, full of joy and happiness!

Congratulations to the amazing couple!

Bride + Groom: Jordanne + Connor

Venue: Oxwich Bay 

Wedding coordinator: Oxwich Bay Planner Sarann

Wedding Dress Designer: Pink Butterfly Brides

Florist: Claire’s flowers 4 all occasions

Hair Stylist: DillyD Hair – @DillyDhair on instagram

Makeup: Nicola Anderson – Make up by Nicola –

DJ: Starlight DJ

Invites: Zazzle 

Cake Artist: Augustus Gloop