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Lauren + Angel | Historic Downtown St.Augustine Wedding

Lauren+Angel | Beach and Downtown Wedding St. Augustine, Fl


I had so many moments during their wedding day where I felt my eyes starting to water. 

However, there were two specific moments that stuck out to me- when Lauren read her vows and I watched Angels reaction. It was a storybook moment and one every bride dreams of. The second was the touching sand ceremony where Angel included his son in the ceremony. Cue tears! What an amazing family!

Moments like this mean more to me now that I have children of my own. It’s so beautiful and so powerful to watch two people commit to each other, the children and vow to always put each other first, no matter what life throws your way.


This was such a perfect day. There was a slight sprinkle of rain, and if you’re from Florida, you know what that means….. rainbows! Yes, how amazingly perfect is to have RAINBOWS in your formal portraits! 

Sit back ,grab a coffee and enjoy some of my favorites!!

Congrats Lauren  and Angel!! 

Bride + Groom: Lauren + Angel

Venue: The Hilton St. Augustine





Lauren + Angel | The Historic Washington Oaks Park Florida

Lauren + Angel | Engagement Session ~ Washington Oaks, Florida

How did you meet and how long have you dated?
Lauren and Angel both met when working at Dave and Buster’s in Times Square. They worked together for 9 months in separate departments before
meeting through an outing of mutual friends to Six Flags. They’ve been together for almost 6
years now.
Lauren and Angel, Tell us the story of your proposal:
Lauren: On our 3 year anniversary, Angel decided to pick fights with me all day to throw me off. As we’re getting
ready to go out to dinner, me still mad at him, he asks me what I plan on wearing. Angrily I
reach for the dress I had picked out and turned around saying “This!” As I turned around,
he was behind me on one knee, ring in hand, telling me it’d look better with this
(referencing said ring.) I was in shock and he then proceeded to tell me how much he loved
me and asked me to marry him. Spoiler alert, I said yes haha.
What kind of jobs do you both currently have?
Angel is the Amusements Manager at Dave and Buster’s in New Jersey and Lauren works as a Lead Teacher at The Learning Experience.
For the Angel:
What things do you love the most about her?
Lauren is honest, and trustworthy. She will always have my back, she’s my best friend. The way she is with
Hayden (my son) is unbelievable. I feel safe when I’m with her, I feel at home when I’m
with her. I can’t narrow down specific things because she hits every mark with me. I love
For Lauren:
What things do you love the most about him?
I love how strong, passionate, funny, and caring Angel is. He’s incredibly thoughtful, always putting the people he loves
first and making sure we’re all happy. He makes me laugh every single day. I can be myself
with him. I’m safe with him. I’m home with him.

Bride + Groom to be: Lauren + Angel


Venue: Washingtonoaks



Stay tuned to see Lauren and Angels beautiful St. Augustine Wedding!


Samantha + David | The Historic Thomas Center Gainesville Florida

Samantha + David | Engagement Session ~ Gainesville, Florida

Samantha and David met as a 19- and 20-year-old University of Florida students on a trip to Paris with a student organization. It was a magical time for both of them, culminating in David asking Sam on a date while walking over the Seine River after exploring Paris together that day.

 They dated for a few years in college, then broke up, and later reconnected 3.5 years later. 

Tell us your proposal story:

From David’s Perspective:

We had been planning a November trip to Asheville, and it seemed like a perfect getaway, so I began to scheme of ways to ask Sam that would be special. She loves Charleston, so I booked a place downtown without telling her (she thought we were staying in Greenville with family). Then, in the planning process, because Sam is a pretty savvy gal, I was concerned that she’d realize we were deviating to Charleston and think something was up. So, I decided that Charleston could be the celebratory opportunity and still a surprise, whereas the proposal could occur on the way up the east coast headed to “Greenville.” Sam is a big fan of stretching her legs on longer road trips, so it was an easy sell to have us stop off at Jekyll Island. I had researched Driftwood Beach and felt it would be a great spot for us to become engaged. We stopped there, walked around for a bit until I could find a private moment, which was challenging due to the two field trips on the beach. As soon as I did, I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me! I think we were both thrilled and shocked a bit. And honestly, we had the best time in Charleston. We got dressed up and strolled over to a great dinner at Magnolia’s, then went on a beautiful morning jog around downtown Charleston. It was truly magical and restful!

Tell us a fun fact about each of you (or as a couple):

Sam about David: David knows a ridiculous amount of sports knowledge and is in effect, great at trivia! He also has converted Sam into an Orioles baseball fan through his passion. 

David about Sam: Two come to mind real quick. Sam is a really good driver. She also does not have a great singing voice, EXCEPT when she sings in a mezzo-soprano opera style voice. I’m curious to see how that develops over time. Also, she is a ridiculously good and creative cook.

What Hobbies Do You Share: 
We both love food (especially Indian food!) the outdoors, long walks, traveling, bike riding, yoga, movies, live music, theater and slow evenings together or with friends. 
David, What do you Love about Sam?
Sam is beautiful, kind, compassionate, empathetic, gracious, wise, patient, loyal, strong, smart & fun, among other things. We’ve been through so much together. She’s loved me so well.
Sam, What do you Love about David?  
It’s hard to pick, but I love his passion, courage, strength and kindness. I love how he really listens, validates my feelings and thoughts, and helps me dream. I also love his crazy sense of humor and how we loves our little kitty cat, Toothless (and no, he’s not toothless). 
Well, here is their amazing Parisian themed engagement shoot! I really can’t wait for this wedding!

Bride + Groom to be: Samantha + David

Venue: The Thomas Center

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