Wine and Cake Pairing Guide | 7 Pairings Perfect for Your Wedding Day

Quarantine Wedding Planning

Wine and Cake Pairing Guide: 7 Pairings Perfect for Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding in the midst of quarantine? A wine and cake tasting is the perfect date night activity you can do at home. 


While virtual wedding planning tasks such as online venue tours, guest lists, registries, and invites are obvious items to tackle as you social distance, this wedding planning activity is a creative way to keep the excitement of your wedding celebration going. 


After all, can you think of a better way to spend a quiet Saturday evening in than trying wine and cake flavors with your partner? We didn’t think so! 


The most important rule of this dessert pairing activity is to match your cake and wine sweetness as close as you can. If the wine isn’t as sweet as the cake it is paired with, it will fall flat and taste bitter. 


Look for “late harvest” on your wine labels, as this is a sign that riper fruits were used, which tend to have sweeter wine results. 


Below, you’ll find information on flavors, a visual guide and a link to a printable cake and wine pairing scorecard. 

1. Vanilla Cake and Riesling

Pair a classic vanilla cake with a Riesling. We recommend an off-dry Riesling so the wine sweetness doesn’t overpower vanilla flavor. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: Lavender Lemonade


2. Chocolate Cake and Amarone

Pair rich chocolate flavor with a full-bodied red wine such as Amarone. A Ripasso is a more budget-friendly wine option with similar flavoring. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: Roy Rogers


3. Funfetti Cake and Sparkling Rosé

If you love bright pops of color and sweet flavors, try pairing a Funfetti cake with a rosé. Your guests are sure to love the strawberry bubbles paired with the vanilla Funfetti. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: Virgin Watermelon Margarita


4. Lemon Raspberry Cake and Prosecco

A refreshing lemon and raspberry cake is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Pair it with a light, bubbly, and citrusy Prosecco. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: Mango Mule


5. Red Velvet Cake and Cabernet Sauvignon

You’ll find luscious cocoa flavors in both a rich red velvet cake and a decadent Cabernet Sauvignon. The cream cheese icing will accentuate the Cab’s vanilla note. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Martini 


6. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake and Tawny Port

A sweet chocolate hazelnut cake will pair great with a Tawny Port. This dessert wine from Portugal has primary caramel and hazelnut notes, with secondary complementary flavors such as berry and mocha. 

Cocktail or Mocktail: The Nutella Martini


7. Coffee and Cream Cake and Madeira

If you love coffee, taste test a coffee and cream cake and pair it with a Madeira. This sweet wine is also from Portugal, and it showcases almond, caramel, and coffee notes. 


Cocktail or mocktail: Salted Caramel White Russian


Our printable tasting scorecard lets you keep track of your favorite cake and wine pairings as you taste test. If you want to keep your inlaws in the loop, have them join in the fun with a virtual tasting. 


If you have already selected a bakery for your cake or have one in mind, have them send over cupcake samples for no-contact delivery or pickup. The same goes for wine: if you already have an alcohol vendor, have them send you full bottles or sample sizes. If not, you can purchase wine and cupcakes from your local supermarket. 


You can download your printable cake and wine tasting scorecard here. 



For even more cake and wine pairing ideas, check out Zola’s visual guide below!