Congrats Sam + David| Old Florida Wedding

Champagne and navy colours with pops of vibrant orange adorned this old Florida wedding of Samantha and David at a beautiful blueberry farm in Florida.

When asked what type of atmosphere Samantha and David envisioned their wedding to be, they chose sophisticated, classic and relaxed and they definitely achieved that. Every detail was beautiful and perfect. It was such a pleasure to photograph.

Samantha and David’s wedding even included a beautiful sign hand painted by Samantha’s mother, and the cake was made by her sister. I just love little details that mean something included in a wedding. It’s so special!

Samantha and David’s love story starts as 19- and 20-year-old University of Florida students on a trip to Paris with a student organization. What a magical time it was, culminating in David asking Sam on a date while walking over the Seine River after exploring Paris together that day. How picture perfect!
They dated for a few years in college, then broke up, and  later reconnected 3.5 years later. It was meant to be!


The Proposal From David’s Perspective:
We had been planning a November trip to Asheville, and it seemed like a perfect getaway, so I began to scheme of ways to ask Sam that would be special. She loves Charleston, so I booked a place downtown without telling her (she thought we were staying in Greenville with family). Then, in the planning process,
because Sam is a pretty savvy gal, I was concerned that she’d realize we were deviating to Charleston and think something was up. So, I decided that Charleston could be the celebratory opportunity and still a surprise, whereas the proposal could occur on the way up the east coast headed to “Greenville.” Sam
is a big fan of stretching her legs on longer road trips, so it was an easy sell to have us stop off at Jekyll Island. I had researched Driftwood Beach and felt it would be a great spot for us to become engaged. We stopped there, walked around for a bit until I could find a private moment, which was challenging due to
the two field trips on the beach. As soon as I did, I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me! I think we were both thrilled and shocked a bit. And honestly, we had the best time in Charleston. We got dressed up and strolled over to a great dinner at Magnolia’s, then went on a beautiful morning jog around downtown Charleston. It was truly magical and restful!


Sam about David: David knows a ridiculous amount of sports knowledge and is in effect, great at trivia! He also has converted Sam into an Orioles baseball fan through his passion.

David about Sam: Two come to mind real quick. Sam is a really good driver. She also does not have a great singing voice, EXCEPT when she sings in a mezzo-soprano opera style voice. I’m curious to see how that develops over time. Also, she is a ridiculously good and creative cook.

They both love food, the outdoors, long walks, traveling, bike riding, yoga, movies, live music, theater and slow evenings together or with friends.

David, What Do You Love About Sam?
Sam is beautiful, kind, compassionate, empathetic, gracious, wise, patient, loyal, strong, smart & fun, among other things. We’ve been through so much together. She’s loved me so well.

Sam, What Do You Love About David?
It’s hard to pick, but I love his passion, courage, strength and kindness. I love how he really listens, validates my feelings and thoughts, and helps me dream. I also love his
crazy sense of humor and how we loves our little kitty cat, Toothless (and no, he’s not toothless).


Here’s the details of what made Samantha and David’s wedding so swoon-worthy:


Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal, Oleg Cassini –
Mens Tuxes:
Florist: Simply Roses Florist, Ashlee Robinson and Trish Bruno –,
Hair and Makeup: Eunice Jin, Eunice Jin Hair and Makeup –,
Venue: The Blues Farm, Michelle Fortner –
Band: South City Live, Darren Eskar – and
Catering: Amrit Palace, Gudpreep –
Invitational Suite: JMH Designs, Jenna Spencer –
Wedding cake – Bride’s sister Jenna (what tallent!)
Grooms cake – Betty Cakes –
Tent – PRE Events and the Tailgate Guys
Furniture: Event Warehouse, Pam Thompson – and

It was truly a pleasure to get to know this couple, and a fun wedding. I shed too many tears at the Groom and Mother dance, it really touched me. It was a fun, energetic dance to Everlasting Love. I’m not crying!

They are truly a happy, loved by everyone around them couple, and I wish nothing but the best for them in their upcoming journey’s together.

Happy 2020 lovebirds!

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