The Boch Family | Gainesville Florida

Merry Christmas | The Boch Family ~ Gainesville, Florida

It was a brisk, Florida morning when I pulled up into the Christmas Tree Farm on the outskirts of Gainesville. It was a beautiful, dry, crisp day. Perfect for family pictures and perfect for layering some great Fall attire! and there they were, the adorable Boch family! with the little guys dressed in these cute matching plaid shirts, and their big grins! I could tell it was going to be a fun session- it already was the perfect scene. The Christmas tree farm has a small petting zoo and a sleigh. It was the makings of a great family session. The Bochs all had a great coordinating theme and it was just perfect! The boys were very excited to “help” hang the cute ornament props on the trees. Austin is always quiet at first, so the first few images are always him quietly observing and I love how he always finishes big! Check out that rock ‘n’ roll smile at the end, which I feel is the ultimate picture of Christmas happiness and should be made into a meme. Maybe I’ll do that later, after I’ve had more coffee! Andrew seems to be the more observant one, watching a lot, taking his brother in a lot, but we always hit it off and have a blast, and I must say that they are just so adorable. The hugs I get at the end make my heart melt. Until I see them again, and they grow another few inches, and look¬† more like little children. My heart melts all the time. They truly are adorable little boys who are so full of life and happiness. I know the Bochs are so proud of these little guys, you can just touch the love in these images! Merry Christmas Little Bochs!

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